Mel and her team at www.abetterwaytohealth.com are passionate about helping people to take a pro-active approach to become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves possible.

We are all biochemically individual – the diet, workout, meditation or supplement that works for your friend may very well not work as well for you. Through investigation and tuning in to how your body works, you will find what it likes best to achieve optimum health.

We understand the importance of getting the basics right. We can help you to look at your diet and nutrition, primarily through the quality of the food you eat but also through any supplements needed. When the foundations are right, with stress management, exercise and fun added to the equation, the rest should just be a case of fine tuning. Whether it’s women’s health, fitness training or weight management, we can help you to identify potential health risks or areas of improvement.

Our bodies strive to be healthy and vibrant. Many of the symptoms that we experience are often a result of the body’s efforts to return to balance, heal, repair and restore to full vitality. Usually we get better not so much by ‘fixing’ ourselves, or finding someone else who can, but rather by removing the obstacles in the way of the body’s quest for full fitness.

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