The Critical Importance of Leveraging Carrier Waves

The Critical Importance of Leveraging Carrier Waves
Photo by Photoholgic / Unsplash

One of the biggest understandings I gained recently is about the importance of leveraging carrier waves.

If you don't, then they can crash on you.

Intuitively, we know what a carrier wave is. When we eat, move and live in rhythm with the seasons, we're moving with the carrier wave of the annual cycle. Moving out of sync with this cycle doesn't feel good and often results in mental, emotional and physical problems.

When we put our feet on the earth and connect with ground, we're re-connecting with the larger carrier wave of the earth.

Each day has a carrier wave that we can move with. Or against.

Trends in society and culture are also carrier waves. Recognizing this and questioning where the ripple is emanating from, we may choose not to ride these waves. Like swimming against a riptide, this takes extra energy but can be worth it to maintain integrity. And safety, of course.

As we begin a new cycle of the Gregorian calendar, many of us will look behind and look ahead. As you do this, I invite you to adopt the mentality of the surfer. Read the waves. Wait for your set. Time yourself well, then paddle like fuck and enjoy the ride.

I've stood back and watched sets pass on these conversations around working with the body's waves and the recommendations that are based on them. Train your breathing. Feel gratitude. Visualize your future. Wake up with the sun.

It's not that these ideas are wrong or bad.

But what I realize is that folks are only looking at a small section of the wave of recovery.

Paddle like fuck is great advice . . . if your surf board isn't broken. If your arms are working well. If the waves are the right size.

For those who meet this criteria and follow this advice, they probably think they've learned the Ultimate Truth as they catch and ride the most amazing waves. And they spread The Word to their family, friends, clients, and patients.

Think positive! Manifest! Focus on what you're grateful for! Rewire your brain! Drop your baggage!

Focus on what you're grateful for is great advice . . . if you're not traumatized and unable to feel anything.

Let go of your fears is great advice . . . unless your body has learned that hanging on to that fear is keeping it alive.

And if you don't meet the criteria, then you might think this advice is wrong. Or you keep trying. Harder. More. You think you're just not doing it right. That something is wrong with you. Or you give up.

We just need to step back and assess. Is your board broken? Is there a storm surge? Is your arm sprained? Are you a novice surfer comparing yourself to professionals? Then we can see when to follow this advice and when we actually need to focus elsewhere.

It is actually waves all the way down. Biochemistry is downstream of these waves. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say that biochemistry represents the much smaller waves of the cell which are nested within the larger waves of the heart and body.

Coherence here means that we're aligning various waves in our body so that they're in phase with each other. When waves are in phase, they become bigger and more powerful.

But in order to do this, we need to first understand where we are in relation to these carrier waves and act accordingly. We can discover this systematically. This is why what works for that person over there keeps wrecking you.

Here's to a New Gregorian cycle, on the heals of the solstice. That you may learn to train coherence, read the waves and enjoy the ride.