Key References for the Cell Danger Response

Key References for the Cell Danger Response
Photo by Chinh Le Duc / Unsplash

I speak a lot about the Cell Danger Response, which is the three step process that all cells go through once triggered by stress, injury or infection in order to heal. This evolutionarily conserved sequence has been developed by Dr Bob Naviaux, MD, PhD and his team and is actually a melding of other, less complete theories that contained a piece of the picture.

While I don't believe it contains the most complete map of what happens at the macroscopic level of the organism, when it comes biochemistry it's basically the master key.

I believe understanding of how these steps work and the biochemistry and physiology that accompanies this progression is really required knowledge for accurately interpreting a blood test. And yet very few physicians are familiar with it.

Here, I want to provide a short bibliography to point you to key publications and resources if you're interested in learning more: